How PCA Skincare Literally Changed My Life: Kitty’s Acne Story

I’ve struggled with acne for my entire adult life for the most part. It started in my teens and would kind of just show up whenever it wanted to. It literally didn’t matter how vegan I was, or if I was eating sugar, or if I was drinking enough water, or if I was using the right kind of laundry detergent for my towels, or if I was taking the right kinds of vitamins. I mean you name it, I tried it. I’ve mashed up avocados and mixed them with honey and lemon and sat there looking like someone puked on my face for 10 minutes before rinsing, which I’m sure looked SO CUTE to my boyfriend at the time. I’ve tried organic skincare routines, tried coconut oil as a moisturizer (complete disaster) I’ve tried organic foundations, powdered foundation, no foundation at all (not happening) and even tried just avoiding any kind of food that may contain hormones in them and still, my skin would not comply. After years and years of dermatologist visits, specialty diets and cabinets full of skincare medications, I pretty much began to accept the fact that some people are born with good skin and that I was not one of them. I mean at least I was kind of funny and I was a really good friend and had fun hair. I was a little while into my newfound life of bad skin and fun hair when Caleb suggested I tried using some of the products he had in the spa and I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. I mean, nothing worked on my skin anyway, right? Wrong.

I invested in the Acne Kit ($140) which comes with their BPO 5% face cleanser, Clarity Retinol, Acne Cream and Clearskin moisturizer. The first month of using that kit dried my skin up like nobody’s business. I mean I was looking all kinds of crazy and let me tell you, it was not cute, but my skin was clearing up by the second. I was starting to think I could get used to the crackled face, old lady look because let’s face it, anything is better than acne, but it actually didn’t last longer much than that first month. My skin started balancing out, and then came the chemical peels.

My first peel wasn’t entirely a game changer. Caleb tried a lighter peel to gauge my skin to see how much it could take, and we worked our way up to the stronger peels. By the time we got to my third peel I did not know what to do with myself. It was pure magic. I would wash my face and for the first time it didn’t feel like there was any congested areas that were going to flare up anytime soon. I just felt like there wasn’t anything under the surface at all.

So here I am all clearskinned and glowing, and I’m living my best life but also a bit skeptical. I mean how long could this really last? Acne and I have a long history together and I’m starting to think I have Stockholm Syndrome, wondering when my captor is going to bring me back to what I know which is miserable, acne filled nights spent cancelling plans because my skin is too out of control to face the world. Except months and months are going by and not a single break out. I would occasionally get a couple of pimples right around my time of the month but that would be it. And now I’m wondering if I can actually work my way into more advanced skincare like normal adults do, so Caleb suggests that I add some Vitamin C to my every day skincare routine. I invest in PCA Skin C&E Strength Serum ($89) and start using that with my everyday sunscreen, Sheer Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 45 ($44) and by now have officially graduated into full blown skincare normalcy that does not include fighting breakouts tirelessly like a pubescent teenager. My morning routine includes C&E Strength Advanced ($115), ExLinea ($110) for anti-aging and Sheer Tint for coverage. My nighttime routine includes a retinol three times a week, usually Clarity Retinol ($109) a mixture of ExLinea and Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum ($115) and Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel ($87) for my eyes and I feel great. I don’t expect breakouts anymore, I don’t cringe at the thought of eating a cheat meal because I might be paying for it well into the next couple of weeks. I feel completely free of the acne that’s consumed my happiness over the last decade or so. I love PCA skincare because it literallyfixed my skin. Now I eat what I want, wear tinted sunscreen instead of foundation and post unfiltered pictures on Instagram of my skin looking flawless……okay that last part isn’t true (I love filters) but I do eat what I want. Now if only I could find a reliable brand to fix this waist line……