Lash Lifts: Are Those Real?

Okay guys, we get it. It’s 2018 and completely acceptable by society to tweak something if it doesn’t work for you. No literally, any and everything can be enhanced nowadays from your skin to your hair to your booty and all the way back to your lashes, but can we all just relax with the freakshow lashes for a second?  I can appreciate a good set of mink lash extensions, I can appreciate false lashes for events, I can even appreciate the falsies on the strange girl at my gym who seems really bothered by her lashes when she sweats (how do they still look nice??) but I can’t appreciate everyone thinking it’s acceptable to prance around like stunt doubles from The Clockwork Orange, enough already!


I get it, the Kardashians have made it virtually impossible not to have lashes that touch your eyebrows, but nobody wants to grocery shop next to all that drama and some of your lashes may be falling into my basket so can we all consider an alternative already?


Lash Lifts


I started lifting my lashes last year after several extremely awkward attempts at wearing lash extensions. I actually had a lash “expert” tell me my lashes “grew out weird” which is why she couldn’t adhere the extensions to my lashes properly. That’s a story in and of itself, but I’ll save it for another time. After several appointment’s for “refills” that were more like re-do’s I decided to throw in the towel, it just wasn’t worth the time or money for me. Not to mention the fact that I noticed my natural lashes were actually beginning to look more sparse. I briefly resorted to strip lashes that I had to wear almost daily until my natural lashes grew back and just as they did, I discovered the lash lift.



Let’s face it, long, thick lashes are one of the most desirable features anyone can have, and lash lifts are almost a no-brainer to me at this point. An easy, affordable upgrade with no down time or discomfort? Yes please. The whole service takes about 30 minutes. You’ll have a professional adhere each of your lashes to a silicon rod that rests on your eyelids, they then apply a gentle permanent solution to your lashes for a few minutes, rinse it off and voila! Sexy, sky high lashes that look naturally flawless.


So go ahead, take the $75 leap into the beautiful world of your very own flawless lashes. You’ll have up to eight weeks of dignified lash envy from everyone you know. Careful before you make your appointment though, no mascara or getting them wet for 24 hours.Check out some before and afters below for some lash-spiration. May the slay be with you.