The ABC’s of skincare

The ABC’s

I’m often asked about basic skincare regimens. Everyone wants to know what I use, what I recommend for my clients, and what I believe to be the most important ingredients to feed your face every day. Well the truth is, we are all different. Most people have conditions that need to be addressed with different ingredients. However, there are a few basic things I believe everyone should be on. I like to call them the ABC’s of skincare. 

Let’s start with the A: Vitamin A, which is retinol comes in many different variations and strengths. I personally believe in using low dose retinol with powerful delivery systems. Retinols boost cellular turnover and are the gold standard in anti aging products. We use them to treat hyper pigmentation, fine lines, acne and a host of other conditions. Not to mention, everyone wants radiant skin. Retinol delivers. 

The B stands for broad spectrum protection from the sun. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays and unfortunately many sunscreens only protect from UVB. I like to think of these as UVA(ging) and UVB(urning). Please people, use good quality sunblocks that protect you from both burning and aging rays with at least SPF30. This is the most important part of your regimen! NO matter how sexy you think your tan is, skin cancer is not cute.

Finally, The C is for Vitamin C. Get this stuff on your face every morning. You’ll thank me later. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, evens complexions, reduces redness, promotes collagen synthesis…the list goes on. The proof will be your supple, glowing skin. 

Now, that’s the basics. Obviously everyone needs to be using a cleanser and moisturizer, but these are the things needed to treat every skin type and keep it healthy. I personally use about 87 different other serums, a lever and pulley system and electro shock therapy on my own face every day….but that’s for another post.